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Monica Ensign Interior Design

Our Company:

As a company it is our mission to transform every environment into a functional and calming space. It is our primary objective to help our clients realize a vision that authentically reflects their style. We excel in joining opposing style tastes between partners and helping our clients arrive at unique and elegant solutions. Whether designing home or office, we frame the space around the client’s personality, color palette and inspirations.

We provide creative solutions to every project challenge, embracing all budgets and design styles. With our experience we offer seasoned advice to expertly navigate design options saving the client valuable time and money. It is our guarantee to every client complete satisfaction in their design.

About Monica Ensign:

Monica Ensign has been working in the field of Interior Design for over fifteen years. She has completed both commercial and residential projects. The common threads linking all of her design projects are a harmonious color palette and a well-functioning layout.

She began her design education at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Sonoma State University in Northern California. She is currently based in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Two years of her career were dedicated to designing custom organization systems for celebrities in the Beverly Hills, California area for both commercial and residential spaces.

Monica often devotes her time to philanthropic projects. She and her team often seek out individuals and businesses needing a boost in the community. They donate their time, materials and labor to help create bright and inspiring environments.

Monica Ensign Interior Design

We provide sophisticated solutions for both personal and professional environments. Our focus of design is increased function and well-being for those existing within the space. We take care to diminish our impact on the environment and produce results that satisfy present-day need without compromising the needs of future generations. We apply these values to renovations as well as new construction projects.